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Cancer Causing Dust beneath Auckland stirred by construction

17 July 2020| Construction in the city centre could be releasing a cancerous dust from Auckland’s volcanic bedrock, according to an article in the New Zealand Medical Journal….

ABC Radio Perth Drive Time Interview

18th Nov 2019 | 2019 AIOH President, Dr Julia Norris, discusses the Breathe Freely Australia initiative for the Asbestos Awareness Week Listen Now

Mother of first Silicosis victim speaks

16th Aug 2019 | ABC News: Mother of first Silicosis Victim Speaks.

Read the full interview here.

ABC Radio | Breathe Freely Advocate

14th June 2019 | ABC Radio: Kate Cole, Breathe Freely Asutralia advoate and AIOH Member discussed silicosis and how it is not the new asbestos on Ockham’s Razor podcast.

Click here to listen

Youngest Stonemason Diagnosed with Silicosis

30th May 2019  | ABC News: Silicosis diagnosed in 22 year-old stonemason, making him the youngest to be diagnosed. Read the full article here.

First Recorded Death of Silicosis in QLD

13th March 2019  | ABC News: First recorded death of silicosis in Queensland.

Watch the news report here. 

ABC 7.30 Report: Silicosis Outbreak

22nd November 2018  | Suppliers of stone benchtops facing questions over response to silicosis outbreak

Watch the news report here. 

ABC News: Silicosis Crisis

10th October 2018  | ABC News report on the silicosis crisis that is happening in Australia

Watch the news report here.