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New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society Chartered Society for Work Health Protection
New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society and The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection
The Breathe Freely New Zealand program is aimed at preventing occupational lung disease and protecting worker health through improving awareness of hazards and safe work practices. It is a collaborative approach with a variety of different stakeholders who can influence and make a difference to workers and the workplace.

You are invited to be part of this exciting program by making your contributions through either being a Partner, Sponsor or Supporter. The following helps better understand the different categories.


Sponsors are organisations that will provide funding and support the development of new materials and the delivery of public events. They have been engaged so far in sponsoring roadshows and there are a variety of sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in funding some of our Breathe Freely  New Zealand activities please email us on

The Breathe Freely New Zealand campaign is an exciting opportunity for the NZOHS and we want to encourage people and organisations spread the word. The Breathe Freely New Zealand Supporter logo can be used by NZOHS members, service organisations as well as operational organisations that committed to improving occupational health and protecting worker health.

Organisations with a commitment to the Breathe Freely New Zealand objectives are invited to apply for Breathe Freely New Zealand Supporter status.  This would involve an exchange of logos between Breathe Freely New Zealand and the applicant organisation. There are no costs attached to this.

If granted, the Breathe Freely New Zealand logo, accompanied by the words Breathe Freely New Zealand Supporter could then be used on the organisation’s communication material, for example underneath letterheads or under signatures.

In return, Breathe Freely New Zealand will acknowledge the support of the applicant organisation by carrying their logo on the Breathe Freely New Zealand website, and on communication material, where appropriate.

Below are explanations of our two Supporter categories

Service Organisations or Individuals

This category would suit an organisation or an individual who provides services to protect workers’ health such as:

  • Suppliers of engineering solutions
  • Suppliers of PPE
  • Suppliers of air monitoring equipment
  • Providers of management advice or consultancy services on workplace air quality matters.

You are invited to download the form titled Service Organisations and Individuals, and complete and return to

Operational Organisations

This would suit an organisation which has operations where the work can generate atmospheric contaminants (e.g. welding, sawing, cutting, drilling, pressurised spraying) or any industrial activity with potential to put chemical agents into the breathing zone of operators or by-standers.

The Breathe Freely New Zealand Supporters Pledge is a certificate you can also display in your workplaces which shows your commitment to actively protecting worker’s health from dust diseases.

You are invited to download the form titled Operational Organisations, and complete with details of the awareness and safe work practices you have implemented.

For further information, please contact  or visit